Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote for Me!

Here goes a little shameless self-promotion. I entered the Spoonflower fabric design contest. This week's theme is black and white--everything had to be black and white--no gray or gradients. I did an original illustration I call "In the Night Garden." If you like it, would you mind heading over and voting for me? Here's the thing. There are 27 pages of entries. Yeah, 27. And they come up in a random order every time you bring it up, so I can't even tell you what page you'll find mine on. You'll have to scroll through to find mine. Of course, feel free to vote for any other fabric you see that you like. There's some cool stuff this time around.

Here's my design:

In the Night Garden

And here is the link:
You should be able to vote without signing in.

Thank you for your support. :-)

Until next time,


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