Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mmmm.... Chocolate Bunny Pillow

I had some unexpected free time the other day. My dad took the baby to the indoor park for a few hours. (Thanks, Dad!) I should have used the time to take a nap, but instead I decided to make something. Now that I finished my nieces' dresses, I can go back to working on my own sewing projects. I've also been dying to try out the Silhouette fabric interfacing. Plus, I'm running out of time to make Easter projects. So I made this little pillow.

I didn't take step-by-step photos or anything, because 1) my sewing area is a DIS-AS-TER, and 2) I was trying to cram as much sewing time into my break as I possibly could, and I didn't know when my dad would be back with Eliza. 

Like I mentioned, I used the Silhouette fabric interfacing. This stuff allows you to cut fabric with the Silhouette cutter. AWESOME! You just iron it onto your fabric, choose your design on your Silhouette, feed the fabric through the cutter, then iron the shape onto the background fabric. Easy! I added a little yellow ribbon and a white button for the eye.
I sewed up the pillow cover and stuck it on the pillow form. All done! I could just eat him up!


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