Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wrapping It Up

I don't usually put a whole lot of effort into my gift wrapping. Usually, I finish the gifts at the last-minute, then run to the basement to my stash of previously loved gift bags and dig around until I find one that fits. If fortune is on my side, I may even remember where the heck I put my stash of tissue paper and throw some of that in the bag too.

But I want to change. I want to give pretty packages. For this past Christmas, I actually made an effort to dress up my gifts for my family. You should have seen the confused look on my husband's face when I grabbed the glue gun and said I was heading up to wrap presents. He couldn't believe I spent an hour wrapping two presents. But they turned out cute, with their felt flowers and rosettes and pom-poms! 

I planned on adding yarn pom-poms on my baby shower gift, but I lent my pom-pom makers to my mom and ran out of time to get them back. Then I happened to spot a few rolls of crepe paper streamers, and I was inspired. I cut a long strip of crepe paper and ran it through my sewing machine. By setting the tension at the highest setting and the length at the longest stitch, it automatically creates ruffles! Like magic! I did one strip of white, then one strip of aqua, then just a strip of yellow polka dot scrap fabric. I wrapped each strip around a simple brown box that I picked up for cheap at Target. 

And I just have to say, I LOVE the way it turned out. Simple, cute, and so charming.
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  1. Wow! That is magic! Does it work with fabric too? Great way to wrap:)

  2. I love making packages pretty, this is a cute idea! I read your profile, I think we would be good friends! :)

  3. That's fantastic! I'm always looking for ways to jazz up gifts! I've been meaning to stop by our local newspaper to pick up roll ends for wrapping gifts!

  4. I can't wait to have a gift wrap station so I can make pretty packages, too.

  5. this turned out darling! Honestly, when you get a beautifully wrapped gift, it makes all the difference!

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  7. Super cute. Thanks for sharing w/ us!


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